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BBB-estateplanningEstate planning is an important process that involves assessing one’s family situation, determining your financial status and planning your legacy to create a strategy for the management and distribution of property and assets upon death or disability. Our experience and knowledge will help guide you through critical considerations to ensure your estate plan meets your unique family situations and desires, considers tax issues and addresses the protection of your assets.

We do not handle all kinds of law. We concentrate our time working in areas specific to protecting our clients’ financial assets today and after death. Our experience allows us to build plans that consider situations or conditions that others may overlook. We believe that an estate plan should be given thoughtful and detailed consideration to protect what you have spent a lifetime earning and growing.

Our Estate Planning Process:

  • Complete our Estate Analysis Questionnaire. Even if we already know you, it is best to complete our questionnaire so that we have up-to-date information related to your estate. It will save time moving forward and we will be able to have questions ready before our first conference.
  • First consultation. Our first consultation will be an opportunity to review any questions triggered by the questionnaire and more importantly, an opportunity to discuss your goals for your legacy and your family. We will want to understand your desires to provide for your family, your business among other things.
  • First draft. We will begin building your estate plan based on our initial consultation. Generally, we will provide drafts of documents for your review prior to your return to our office. We will review the documents together, answering your questions and discussing any necessary changes.
  • Final draft. Once we have answered all questions and made any necessary changes to your unique documents, we will create final documents for your signature.
  • Follow up. We will work with you to fund trusts that you set up, document appropriate beneficiaries and transfer title to assets, as necessary.


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